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It is delicious pan-fried whole, finished in the oven for a few minutes, then sliced to reveal its blushing pink centre. Or, it can be cut into chops on the bone then grilled or pan-fried.


LEG Like the shoulders, the legs of a lamb work hard, which means that this cut has a good, strong flavour. Leg of lamb is great roasted whole on the bone, or boned and barbecued. Rub it all over with a herb oil, some garlic and even a little mustard, if you like, roast in the oven, then finish off on the barbecue to get a great gnarly smoked flavour.

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More from JamieOliver. This is absolutely fantastic. I simply use a large butcher knife and chop into the squash, two or three more pushes on both sides and voila!

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Quick, easy, super delicious. I cooked it by cutting it into rings. Seems like the smaller squashes are easier to do this with. It came out great. After it was fully cooked turned the broiler on and browned it a bit. Topped with some mozzarella cheese and garlic and it was delicious! Love the idea of topping with cheese and garlic! I scrub the squash because when you cut it, the knife goes through the outside dirty and into the inside clean.

My mom always scrubbed potatoes for the same reason, so I just scrub everything. Pesticides and fertilizers are also an issue these days, unless you buy organic. That being said — I tried your variation, broiling it an adding cheese and garlic…YUM! Served it with shrimp and everyone kept talking about the gourmet meal I served. Broiling with cheese and garlic and topping with shrimp sounds SO good! Means a lot to me.

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I made the baked rings for myself exactly as stated sans pepper. I let it cook for roughly 20 mins and it was fantastic! I stored half for another day. This is now my top recipe for spaghetti squash.

Thank you! So happy to hear this was a success for you, Phil! I got about a pound spaghetti squash.

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Has anyone cooked one this big and how did they do it? Cut it into quarters much easier than rings and roasted. Served with toasted with roasted garlic, tomatoes and Brussels sprouts and olive oil. Will definitely make again!

Cutting the squash used to be quite daunting until I headed out to the shop, commandeered a new Sheetrock saw to add to my kitchen tools. Thank you for sharing this recipe! I used the cut in half oven-cooked method. It turned great!

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The only improvement I would make is the texture. I tried to do the ring method, unfortunately I was not physically able to cut the squash this way. I baked the halves for an hour, then raked out the halves to get the spaghetti strands. Next, I spread the strands out on the baking sheet, sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese and baked for an additional 20 minutes.

I have also spread out the strands, sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese and put under the broiler for several minutes. Either way, I will definitely keep using this recipe. Thanks again! Did you cut it in half right down the middle the short way vs end to end? That helps with getting the longer strands because of the way they grow around the squash. I bet it was tasty the way you did it, did it get a little crispy? I want to give that a try! I cooked this using the rings in the oven method.

I used spray oil, garlic salt and pepper. I also flipped them over half way through the cooking time, sprayed and seasoned and then let them finish cooking. I used some noodles with a meat marinara sauce and put the rest in the fridge for alfredo in a few days. However, the noodles were so good and the texture just right, that my daughter and I had just the noodles with no sauce.

This makes me so happy! Thank you for the recipe! I have cooked spaghetti squash many times with other methods, but I definitely liked this the best. I tried the circle cut idea and baked it in my toaster oven. I used Hojibianca olive oil. Much nicer texture then cooking half or whole. Thanks Rachel. Made it in rings for the first time today, served with meat sauce. Thanks for your helpful tips! Hi Carla! One of my favorite diet meals.

Always a winner. Have to try the rings. Maybe convert family. I hope you love the rings! We love it!