Cradle of Ruin: Detective Michaels

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Fielding suffers a heart attack and Matt tries to make peace to his father before he dies. Also, Shelly tries to seduce Jake at Amanda's big "survivor" pool party at the newly renovated Melrose complex. S4 Ep 6 - The Jane Mutiny. Air Date Oct 9, But during a deposition, when Hobbs blurts out his hatred of gays, it all turns out well for Matt. Kimberly is released from the mental hospital and Peter takes her home to his house and keep her in his custody, but Michael and Sydney are not pleased with the news.

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At Jane and Richard's engagement party, a drunken Jo confronts him about Jane not being in love with him. Meanwhile, Brooke is upset when she discovers that her father is dating Alison, while she has problems to come up with a new account. Also, Jack confronts Amanda and tells her he just wants a quick divorce, but she correctly suspects that he's up to something. S4 Ep 5 - Drawing Henry. Air Date Oct 2, Anxious to get to the bottom of Kimberly's mental problems, Peter contacts her mother who arrives in Los Angeles to visit her in the asylum where Mrs.

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Shaw finally reveals the origins about the mysterious Henry. Brooke's father, Hayley, approaches Alison and asks for her help in breaking up Brooke and Billy and a mutual attraction between the two of them develops. Meanwhile, Dr. Also, Jo becomes all the more jealous when Jake continues hanging out with Shelly, and Jane confides in Jo that she may not be ready for marriage with Richard. S4 Ep 4 - Simply Shocking.

Air Date Sep 25, Brooke travels to Miami, Florida on a secret mission to dig up information on Amanda's past and she finds Jack Parezi, Amanda's shady mobster ex-husband who believes her to be long dead. Kimberly is committed to a maximum security asylum and receives electro shock therapy under Peter's supervision, while she is haunted by the mysterious Henry again.

Michael romances Sydney to get her help to keep Kimberly in the hospital. Meanwhile, Jess' ex-wife, Shelly, arrives in L. Calvin Hobbs, the hospital's Chief of Staff, because of discrimination after he fired him. Jane gets a marriage proposal from Richard and shortly after, announces taking credit for a new line of dresses to get more control of Richard's firm, which is officially renamed Hart-Mancini.

Also, Billy learns that Alison has regained her eyesight and is not pleased that she did not tell him the truth sooner. S4 Ep 3 - Blind Ambition. Air Date Sep 20, Alison continues to deceive Billy by exaggerating her state of health, even after she regains her eye-sight, in which his attention to her sends Brooke to threaten Alison. Peter calls a second psychiatrist to evaluate Kimberly before her court hearing about her mental condition. Meanwhile, Matt gets in mortal danger when, against the warnings from his lawyer Alycia, he decides to set up a sting operation by himself for Paul to admit that he framed him.

While Jake and Jo rekindle, Jane fears she may have overstepped her bounds with Richard after she hires Jo as the new staff photographer at his company without consulting him first. Air Date Sep 18, The bomb damage spawns strange new living arrangements: Amanda moving in with Sydney, Matt with Jo, and Alison with Jane. Alison then starts using her condition to manipulate Billy to care for her, while Jane plays office power games with Richard.

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Meanwhile, Peter lobbies on behalf of Kimberly, who must be declared mentally competent to stand trial for the bombing. Brooke freaks out when she finds out that Alison is coming back to work, and an inheritance from her deceased mother that she expected after her marriage to Billy turns out to be much less than she thought. Brooke's father offers her a full some of money, but only after she divorces Billy whom Mr. Amrstrong has never approved of in the first place. A mentally unstable Matt gets released on bail and gives everyone a hard time having lost his trust in mankind over being framed for murder and now facing a murder trial.

Jake has a hard time getting over Jess' death and continues pushing Jo away. Also, Sydney gets a job as the receptionist in Peter and Michael's newly opened private practice. S4 Ep 1- Postmortem Madness. Air Date Sep 11, The morning after Kimberly blows up the Melrose apartment complex, everyone is in the hospital suffering from some form of injury.

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Alison is temporarily flash-blinded and Billy postpones his honeymoon with Brooke to move back into his ruined apartment to support Alison. Richard Hart, who's wife was killed in the blast and the only fatality , is comforted by an unusually callous Jane who proposes to continue business at the company as usual. Meanwhile, Kimberly is arrested and is so bewildered that she can't remember anything about the bombing the night before, while Peter prevents Michael from sending her to a county psychiatry ward in order to take care of her himself.

Jake wakes up in the hospital after surviving the fall and is hurt with the news that Jess did not, leading him to take out his frustrations on Jo. In jail, Matt contacts his parents for help in facing a murder trial and they hire Alycia Barnett, a professional criminal lawyer, to help him. But unfortunately for Matt, skepticism knows no bounds for in a recycled storyline see ep. It's a Bad World After All , not only Matt's lawyer but his own parents, refuse to believe him that he's innocent of the murder he's being charged with.

Air Date May 22, In the two-hour, nail-biting, cliff-hanging season final, Brooke and Billy announce their wedding plans to everyone. In Hong Kong, when Alison hears about their engagement and about the job Hayley Armstrong offered her, Alison finally realizes that Brooke had set her up to keep her away from Billy. Alison then quits her job, flies back to L. Jake returns from the hospital and is not pleased to find Jess running his bar in which he fires Jess, who in an unconvincing tone, denies anything to do with the punks who shot Jake.

Jo gives Jess a job at a construction site, but soon begins to see his possessive side of him. When Jane's business is foreclosed, she uses aggressive methods to gain a new investor, Richard Hart, and falls in love with him. But Richard's estranged wife, Mackenzie, doesn't approve of Jane's meddling in their business. With Michael still in jail, he recruits Sydney to follow Kimberly to find evidence that she framed him for beating her, while at the same time, Kimberly is haunted by a mysterious phantom she identifies as 'Henry' who tells her that she must kill all of her enemies.

In a surprising twist, Dr. Peter Burns returns, just released from prison, and helps Michael with his legal troubles in exchange for Michael to help Peter keep his medical license from a review board.

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Meanwhile, Matt and Paul's renewed relationship takes a shocking turn when Matt gets arrested after Paul's wife is found murdered. But when Paul appears and identifies Matt as being the killer, Matt realizes way too late that Paul had been setting him up as the fall guy for his wife's murder this entire time! After Jo turns down Jess' marriage proposal, he beats her savagely, which leads to a major fistfight between Jess and Jake atop the roof of a three-story construction site, which ends when both of them fall off When Peter romances and tricks Kimberly into helping him get back his medical license, she goes over the deep end and, in a berserk rage, she abducts Sydney when she finds her following her, and rigs large incendiary bombs to destroy the Melrose apartment complex and everyone in it S3 Ep 29 - Framing of The Shrews.

Air Date May 15th, The psychotic Kimberly continues her plan of revenge when she successfully frames Michael for stalking Amanda, and later had him arrested for beating her up. While Jake is in the hospital recovering from the shooting, Jess takes over Shooters for himself, while Jo refuses to believe Jake's accusations that Jess was behind the shooting. Meanwhile, Alison arrives for her new job in Hong Kong, while Brooke forges a farewell letter from Alison to Billy in a cold tone and gets him to propose to her.

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Also, Paul keeps hanging around Matt wanting to spend more time with him. But for some suspicious reason, Paul doesn't keep his promise to tell his wife about him and Matt. Air Date May 8, Jake throws out Jess of his apartment after he hears about him and Jo being romantically involved. But Jess later runs into and hires a trio of lowlife hit men to kill Jake in revenge for his humiliation. Matt becomes angry at Paul after he learns that Paul is married. However, Paul keeps telling Matt what he will leave his wife and wants to keep dating him.

Meanwhile, Kimberly begins a new plan of revenge against Michael when she persuades Amanda to sue him for malpractice. After finding out that the new pantie hose design is a drug smuggling operation, Sydney is pressured by a undercover cop to resign from Mancini Designs, and flee from Los Angeles, where Jane gets the last laugh who reveals it all to be a scam.

Air Date May 1, Sydney makes a suspicious deal with two new business partners for Mancini Designs for a new pantie hose. Meanwhile, Michael threatens Amanda when he receives a restraining order from her. Kimberly get complimented out of the camp when she breaks her drill instructor's arm and returns as an unstable-as-ever person, vowing to get back at Michael for abandoning her. Matt meets the hospital's new plastic surgeon, Paul Graham, who is also gay and invites Matt out on a date. Also, Jo feels guilty about seeing Jess behind Jake's back. S3 Ep 26 - Melrose Impossible. Air Date Apr 10, For a new account, Amanda persuades Alison to use an alternate approach, knowing the client will hate it. Brooke continues to secretly peruse Billy and finally scores with him.